Eternal sounds

Eternal sounds

High end software solutions using Artificial intelligence

Chat bots

Highly intelligent chat bots trained on your companies data to help answer any question your customers/employees might have.

Computer vision

Highly accurate OCR solution cutomized to your businesses specific needs. Check out our image text extractor

PDF comparison

Compare two PDF files and check if the data found matches in both.

Our solutions

Document GPT

Personalize chatGPT to your specific needs, Modifying its dataset, identity, personality, and the way it responds.

Load your local documents / website data, We will analyze the data and create a chatbot that can answer any question about the data.

Easily load your data though our user friendly interface and export your customized chatbot to your employees/customers within a few clicks.


Deploy highly customized chatbots on affordable plans.


Safeguard sensitive data with our battle tested platform.

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